Moda Poetry Charm Roll


Product Description

* Any Single Charm Rolls purchased online will be unrolled and packed flat for delivery purposes.

What is a ‘Charm Roll’?

A Charm roll is a set of ten strips of co-ordinated cotton fabrics, precision cut 2 ½ inches wide, approximately 43 inches in each strip, all good quality, fashion patterns and small-scale prints.

What can I make with a ‘Charm Roll’?

Single Charm Rolls (Solo’s) can make many things;

Two Cushion Fronts, Four Table Mats, a Table Runner, any number of Bag Designs, a Baby Quilt, or Twenty blocks to be used in larger projects. Sets of Four Charm Rolls or “Quartets” can be used to make a quilt. A huge selection of quilt patterns is available from The Fennel Shed or you can purchase them here on our online store.


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