Love & Laughter Quilts from The Fennel Shed Patchwork Studio

A quilt is a gift of love. If you would like to be able to give such a gift, and especially if you would like to make it a part of a special occasion or celebration, then one of our Love & laughter quilts could be just what you have been looking for.


We can supply the essential sections of a quilt – the “Blocks” already prepared, ready to be personalised by friends and family for almost any life event; Wedding, new home, retirement, significant birthday, new baby and especially for very thoughtful hen parties. These blocks can be signed, decorated, embellished or even embroidered by all attending the celebration, then returned to us to be fashioned with skill and finished by hand as a gift that will endure for decades, carrying messages of love all the way down through the years.

Each quilt is individually designed, hand made in our workshops in Donegal, and can then be posted almost anywhere in the world. Prices for gift quilts are worked based on size and design. Blocks supplied for party quilts begin from €15.00 per block. Each party quilt is designed in close co-operation with the hosts or planners to suit the occasion, the intended recipient, and the skill comfort zone of those attending the party – some like to add their own hand-stitched contribution, others just to sign, add a message or a memory using specially sourced fabric pens.


If you think a quilt would add that special touch to a party you are planning, or as a gift for an extra-special celebration, please return the attached contact us form so we can get back to you with more details and outline ideas.




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